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Acting now to help deliver clean, green energy to our homes and businesses in Wales

Green GEN Cymru

Green GEN Cymru (Green Generation Energy Networks Cymru) is taking action now, to help deliver clean green energy to our homes and businesses by developing the energy network in Wales. This will help tackle both the energy crisis and the climate crisis and make sure that local communities will be able to live modern electric lives with less reliance on fossil fuels.

Part of the Bute Energy Group, Green GEN Cymru is based in Wales and has a uniquely Welsh approach. Our network will be planned in Wales, for Wales, and we will deliver it without using any public money.

Our proposals for Green GEN Towy Usk

Green GEN Towy Usk will link Bute Energy’s Nant Mithil Energy Park, which will generate around 237MW (megawatts) of clean, green energy in the Radnor Forest area, to the national grid. It will bring clean green energy to the homes and businesses that need it. Importantly, other green energy projects will also be able to connect, reducing the amount of additional infrastructure needed in future.

This grid will not only transport green energy across Wales, it also has the potential to support technologies such as 5G that could help farmers, schools and businesses to be at the cutting edge of technology while being based in a rural area. The project will have a lasting and positive impact on Welsh people.

Our public consultation

Our consultation, which ran from Monday 06 March 2023 to Friday 28 April 2023, has now closed. 

We will carefully review and consider all the feedback we received as we continue to develop our plans for Green GEN Towy Usk. 

We will publish a consultation feedback report with response to all issues raised and how we have taken these into account. 

All feedback received during this consultation, along with ongoing detailed environmental and technical works, will help inform our detailed alignment for the project. We will hold a further public consultation on this alignment in 2024.

Community benefit fund

Bute Energy is setting up a Community Benefit Fund that will invest millions of pounds every year into local communities. The funding will come from the Bute Energy Energy Parks that connect to Green GEN Towy Usk. In this unique approach every year Bute Energy alone will pay £7,500 per MW of installed capacity into the fund, which will be shared between the communities closest to the Energy Parks and those along the grid routes.

The Bute Energy Community Benefit team will be talking with local people and organisations about the projects, groups and services they are engaged with and how we can help. Let us know who’s doing great work where you live so that we can speak with them. We want to be good neighbours as a part of a thriving community.

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