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Our second round of consultation runs from Wednesday 13 March to 8 May 2024

Please give us your views, even if you have already commented during the first round of consultation in 2023.

Your feedback is valuable to us and will help inform the project as it progresses.

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How we will use your feedback

We will use your feedback to review the decisions we’ve made to date and to inform our work going forwards.

New electricity transmission lines of 132kV are classed as a Development of National Significance (DNS) in Wales. This means developers must apply for planning consent to and final decisions are made by the Welsh Ministers.

Feedback from our public consultation and from local authorities, community councils and national organisations will help us develop a final design for the project. We will also carry out further technical assessments and surveys to inform our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Before we submit a consent application to Planning and Environment Decisions Wales (PEDW), which is expected to be in 2025, there will be a statutory Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) period, where people will be able to review and comment on the detailed designs and the draft Environmental Statement.

The draft route alignment

Q1: Do you have any overall comments about the draft route alignment we have identified for the Towy Usk connection?

Q2: Are there any factors you feel have not been considered in the development of the draft route alignment for Towy Usk?

Route sections

Q3: We have organised the draft route alignment that we are taking forward into five sections for ease of reference and to provide the opportunity for more specific comments and detailed feedback.

Please indicate which section, or sections, you are referring to in your response (tick all that apply):

Q4: Are there any specific factors we should consider when reviewing or developing our proposals for each of the sections?

About the consultation

Q5: How did you hear about the consultation? (tick as appropriate)

Q6: Did you find the information we provided for the consultation useful and informative?

Q7: Do you have any comments about your experience of the consultation?

Bute Energy

Bute Energy’s community investment fund will be directly investing in the communities affected by these proposals and will help to create lasting impact locally ensuring that the benefits of our renewable energy projects are felt by communities across Wales.

Bute Energy have prepared social mapping for the area, talked with local stakeholders and, reviewed feedback from our previous consultation to help them better understand how communities in the area can be supported.

Through feedback from the first round of consultation in spring 2023, engagement with local people and extensive social research, the top 5 place-based challenges identified along the Towy Usk route are:

  1. Community Life and Resilience
  2. Agriculture
  3. Access to transport and transport infrastructure
  4. Support local businesses, micro enterprises, and organisations
  5. Loneliness and isolation.

The social mapping work has identified similar themes as important in this area where we can provide support:

Q8: Do you feel that these themes accurately reflect the needs of the community, or are there any other themes you feel should be considered?

Please contact us to let us know the names of organisations providing support to your community.

Q9: Where would you like to see the community benefit fund invested in your area?

Climate change and our energy supplies

Q10: To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement (Please note this section is optional)

Renewable energy has an important role in the fight against climate change.

Renewable energy developments in Wales are being held back by a lack of grid infrastructure to connect them to power networks.

Privacy notice

Green GEN Cymru (a company within the Bute Energy Group) is committed to protecting your personal information. Whenever you provide such information, we are legally obliged to use it in line with all applicable laws concerning the protection of personal data, including the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How will Green GEN Cymru use information we collect about you?

We will use your personal data collected via this consultation for our legitimate business purposes, including:

  • To analyse your feedback to the consultation
  • To produce a Pre-Application Consultation Report, based on our analysis of responses (individuals will not be identified in the Report)
  • To write to you with updates about the results of the consultation and other developments if you have opted in to receive these updates.
  • o keep up to date records of our communications with individuals and organisations.

Any personal information you include in this form will be handled and used by (or made available to) the following recipients to record, analyse and report on the feedback we receive:

  • Green GEN Cymru (a company within the Bute Energy Group)
  • Bute Energy (development services provider to Green GEN Cymru)
  • PEDW (which will consider our application for consent to build the Green GEN Towy Usk project – any details published as part of this process will be anonymised)
  • The Welsh Ministers
  • Our legal advisers
  • Consultants working on the Green GEN Towy Usk project.

What rights do I have over my personal data?

GDPR, you have certain rights over how your personal data is retained and used by Green GEN Cymru.